Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – November 10, 2004

Join co-hosts Malihe and Khalil for this week’s
program, during which, we will first hear a
conversation with Dr. Mustapha Barghouti, the
Secretary General of the Palestinian National
Initiative, a coalition for democratic change in the
West Bank and Gaza. UC Berkeley Professor Beshara
Doumani will talk to Dr. Barghouti about the current
political situation in Palestine in light of Yasser
Arafat’s grave health condition. Later in the program,
as part of our continuing series on the history of the
Berbers in North Africa, we will talk with a prominent
leader of the Amazighe or Berber Movement in Morocco,
Mr. Ahmed Lachgar Aguilal. We will discuss recent
developments in his native country and the progress
made in the struggle to gain equal rights for the
Berber culture and language in North Africa. Also on
the program, an interview with Erica Marcus, one of
the producers of Alive in Limbo, a documentary film
that follows the lives of four Palestinian refugees in
Shatila refugee camp in Lebanon as well as a Lebanese
youth. To contact the Middle Eastern and North African
Perspectives (MENAP), you can call 510-848-6767 ext.
632, or visit our web site at www.menap.org.

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