APEX Express

APEX Express – November 4, 2004

South Asian and Muslim Americans are growing voices and players in the electoral scene, as the stakes are high for these constituencies. Learn how they are impacted by the Presidential outcome as we talk with American Muslim Voice director Samina Faheem Sundas. She also shares with us her voter registration campaign experience. And the annual Asian American Music Conference mixes music industry insiders and young hopefuls to share knowledge as well as talk about the role of Asian Americans in the industry. Christina Luna organizer of the Conference is on Apex with singer Teri Untalan. Also, 3rd i is on-board to talk about their 2nd SF International South Asian Film Festival with films that range in focus from Nepalese girls who perform dangerous circus acrobatics to the electrifying British Asian music scene. Plus music, calendar and more. (And thanks to those who helped out during KPFA’s fund-drive.)

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