The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – November 3, 2004

Hours after his running mate vowed to fight on, John Kerry concedes the
presidential race to President Bush …Kerry concludes that even after the
disputed provisional ballots are counted in Ohio, he won’t be able to win
the state or the election

George W. Bush savors his triumph …he’s won the most popular votes off any
presidential candidate …his running mate Vice President Dick Cheney claims
a mandate….

Republicans ready to flex their muscle in the new Congress… they picked
up four seats in the Senate and added to their majority in the House of

Beyond voting rallies in 33 cities across the country including San
Francisco.. . more than a thousand are in the streets of San Francisco
tonight protesting the war on Iraq

Voters in San Francisco and Berkeley turn stingy, voting down almost all
measures increasing taxes or resulting in greater public expenditures

A last minute concerted campaign by Governor Schwarzenegger and four former
governors, including Oakland mayor Jerry Brown sinks Prop 66, the reform
of California’s Three Strikes Law

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