The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – October 29, 2004

Four days before the presidential election Osama Bin Laden says in a new
videotape that the United States can avoid another September 11th-type
attack if it stops threatening the security of Muslims …Bin Laden admits
for the first time that he ordered the these attacks

The battle over the ballots rages .. Democrats and Republicans accuse each
other of voter fraud in Florida…. .in three battleground states the Bush
administration asserts that only its Justice Department can sue to enforce
voting rights protections under the Help America Vote Act

Yasser Arafat is rushed to a military hospital near Paris that specializes
in blood disorders… .the Palestinian leader is undergoing a battery of tests
to determine what’s wrong with him

The NAACP under investigation by the Internal Revenue Service. …the group’s
President says the timing of the probe just before the election is suspicious

Oakland voters to push the legalization of marijuana next Tuesday with
measure Z

Activists in 26 cities across the country, including SF, make plans to
demonstrate on the day after, Nov 3rd

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