Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – September 22, 2004

Samuel Huntington is believed to have formalized the
new policy of the US toward Middle Eastern countries.
In his book “Clash of civilizations” written in 1993,
the coming confrontations and wars were predicted or
rather suggested. We need to examine Huntington’s work
and motivations for constructing such a frame work. To
do this task we have interviewed Dr. Shahid Alam the
professor of economics at northeastern university,
Boston. He is the author of “Poverty from the wealth
of nations”. You can visit his website at :

This month is the anniversary of 4 important events
for the Middle East. The source of these events is the
use of terror by the governments. Governments have
been the main source of terrorizing the population all
over the world. The governments usually do it by
economic or social policies. But there is also the
naked violence as well. We will cover 4 events from 2
different countries. The first one is the case of
Israel. A historical event is presented by David
Himmelstein that goes back to the time of creation of
Israel and the assassination of Folk Bernadotte.
The next case is about Iranian government and
assassination of the Leaders of Iranian Kurdish
democratic party

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