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The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – September 22, 2004

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A British hostage pleads for his life, while the body of a second U.S. hostage is recovered. Islamic group in Iraq says it killed two Italian aid workers — but that claim is in doubt

U.S. aircraft and tanks attack Baghdad’s Sadr City — killing at least ten
and wounding 100.. .two more car bombs explode in Baghdad. ..and three U.S.
soldiers are killed. . .

Governor Schwarzenegger vetoes a measure that would have allowed
undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses…

A federal judge declares a mistrial in the second pepper spray trial after a
San Francisco jury deadlocks 6-2 in favor of the forestry activists…

The ACLU warns of abuse as the San Francisco Police Department gets set to
add Taser guns to its arsenal…

The former Cat Stevens — now Yusuf Islam — is turned away by U.S
authorities who say his activities could be linked to terrorism…

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