Steppin' Out of Babylon

Steppin’ Out of Babylon – September 22, 2004

Clifford Carnicom is a computer consultant and scientist. He has
made it his business to look into the aerosol lines in the sky about
which he, and others, are concerned. It is clear that planes are
putting lines in the sky very often and in great quantity. It has
been impossible to get information about who is doing this or what is
in the aerosol material being discharged into our atmosphere. They
are definitely NOT vapor trails which come from all planes and
disappear very quickly. These stay in the air as they dissipate for
many many hours, days, etc..

Carnicom has been researching this matter for 8 years
and has found that there is definitely particulate matter being
discharged and it’s not good for living things. His website is

Listen to this interview and start looking in the sky!

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