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The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – September 17, 2004

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Baghdad is the scene of another deadly car bombing today ..this one targeted a U.S. and Iraqi security operation… in.Fallujah, dozens are dead ad wounded in fresh U.S.aerial

Democratic presidential candidate john Kerry accused president Bush of
Hiding plans to call up more members of the National Guard and Reserve after
the November election… in North Carolina, Bush campaigns for the women’s

International election observers arrive to monitor the November
elections… among the states they’ll focus on is Florida…

Environmental groups and activists denounce Governor Schwarzenegger’s plan
to impose sweeping changes on the state’s environmental protection
agencies… the state’s Treasurer is asking whether corporations had special
access to the process of coming up with the recommendations…

Lawmakers, seniors, and health care advocates up and down the state urge
Schwarzenegger to sign legislation that would allow the importation of
prescription drugs form Canada

An Oakland coalition announces opposition a ballot measure which
seeks greater funding for more police officers and violence prevention programs

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