Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – September 15, 2004

Join co-hosts Malihe and Khalil for this week’s
program, during which, we will first hear a
conversation with Dr Ali Dinar, Outreach Coordinator
of African Studies Center at the University of
Pennsylvania and Dr. Mohamed Elgadi, a Sudanese
activist and the founder of “Group Against Torture in
Sudan (GATS)”. We will speak with them about the
ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in Darfur region of
Sudan as well as the socio-political conditions
leading to this tragedy. You can visit
http://www.darfurinfo.org for more information about

Later in the program, Mathew Shenodah will
talk to Naomi Shahib Nye, the Renowned
Palestinian-American poet. Naomi Shihab Nye together
with poets Deema Shehabi, Fady Joudah and cellist
Matthew Owens will be participating in a benefit for
medical relief for Palestinian children, sponsored by
the Middle East Children’s Alliance. For more
information about this event, visit

The Middle Eastern and North African Perspectives
(MENAP) produces the Voices of the Middle East and
North Africa very other Wednesday at 7 PM. To contact
us, you can call 510-848-6767 ext. 632, or send an
e-mail to vomekpfa@yahoo.com. MENAP’s web site,
menap.org, is currently under construction.

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