The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – September 15, 2004

Car bombs and clashes claim another 10 Iraqi lives today. . .on Capitol Hill, the Bush
Administration defends its conduct of the war at a hearing on its request to
divert Iraqi reconstruction funds to the Iraqi police and security.

It’s one of the bloodiest single days for Palestinians in the West Bank in
two years– ten are killed in Israeli raids. of the dead is an
eleven year old girl..

Defying federal warnings, the Bay Area Water Board approves a mercury clean up plan that envisions a lag of 120 years before bay fish are safe to eat. . .

One of the plaintiffs in the pepper spray trial takes the stand.. Spring Lundberg was 17 when Humboldt County deputies swabbed her eyes with pepper spray during an anti logging protest. . .

A group of prominent progressive endorsers of Ralph Nader’s year 2000
presidential campaign is urging support for John Kerry in swing states, saying beating George W Bush is top priority ..

As hurricane Ivan and its powerful winds churn through the Gulf of
Mexico, scientists tell congress that global warming could produce stronger
and more destructive hurricanes in the future.

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