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The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – September 14, 2004

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A huge car bomb rips through a market near a Baghdad police headquarters. ..dozens are dead and more than 100 wounded in the deadliest single attack in Iraq’s capital in six months.

President Bush and John Kerry trade charges on Iraq…bush again slams Kerry
for shifting views on Iraq.. while Kerry says Bush is using distortions to
hide a deteriorating situation there. . .

President Bush’s nominee to head the CIA gets a hearing before a Senate
panel — democrats refuse to say whether they’ll vote for the nomination…

Thousands of San Francisco hotel workers are deciding on whether to authorize a strike…

Environmentalists call on the Bush Administration to withdraw a plan to
allow road building and logging on 58 million acres of remote forests where
both are now prohibited.

Immigrant students and supporters launch a hunger strike to press for
passage of legislation that would open college doors to the U.S. raised
children of undocumented parents.

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