The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – September 9, 2004

Criticism for the Central Intelligence Agency on Capitol Hill for the agency’s
failure to provide army investigators with information about so-called ghost
detainees — suspects the CIA was holding and interrogating in Iraq without
registering them with army authorities

Vigils across the country and throughout, the Bay Area to mark the U.S. 1000th
combat fatality in Iraq and the thousands of others killed and maimed in the
war there

Suspected Muslim militants-attack Iraq-war ally Australia with a car
bomb strike on that country’s embassy in Indonesia, killing nine and
wounding more than a 170

Negotiations on a new labor contract for northern California grocery workers
are underway with both sides expressing hopes a strike like the one earlier this
yesr in Southern California can be avoided

A rare victory for organized labor in the Republican-controlled Congress as the House votes to strike down the Bush Administration’s new overtime rules
for white-collar workers ‘ .~

Healthcare advocates calling on Governor Schwarzenegger to sign a
package of bills they say will help control rising drug costs

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