Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – September 3, 2004

Bush Accepts Nomination on Final Night of Convention Marked by Historic Protests and Dissent

Pataki: "Saddam Hussein Was a…Walking-Talking Weapon of Mass Destruction"

Relentless Protest: CODEPINK Activists Ejected From RNC Three Nights in a Row

GOP Delegate on RNC Protest Arrests: "There Weren’t Any Were There?"

Father of Soldier Killed in Iraq Ejected From RNC For Holding Sign Reading: "Bush Lied. My Son Died"

ACT-UP Activists Face Assault & Riot Charges for Protest Inside RNC

Father of Arrested Protester: "My Son Has Been Disappeared By This State

Amy Goodman Questions John McCain on the Smear Tactics of Karl Rove & George Bush

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