Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – September 1, 2004

2 Hour Special
Shout Heard Around the World: Nearly 1,000 Arrested in Series of RNC Protests

Schwarzenegger Reaches Out to Fellow Immigrants to Vote Republican

Medea Benjamin Dragged off RNC Floor for Unfurling "Pro-Life: Stop the Killing of Iraq" Banner

First Lady, Bush Twins Address RNC

RNC Protesters Rush to Defend Johnny Cash Legacy

New York Protesters Hold "Fox News Shut-Up-A-Thon"

NYT’s Paul Krugman on Bush’s Economic Record and the Media

GOP Delegates Mingle with Industry Lobbyists at Corporate-Sponsored Parties

Peter Stone on 527s, Rudy Giuliani and GOP Operative Ralph Reed

Thousands of Unemployed Workers Form Three-Mile-Long Unemployment Line in Symbolic Protest

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