The Morning Show

The Morning Show – August 27, 2004

7:00 am
George McGovern, former Democratic party candidate for president (1972), and author of The Essential America: Our Founders and the Liberal Tradition.

7:30 am
Russian River water wars. Nancy Suttley, California State Water Resources Control Board member, Randy Poole, general manager and chief engineer, Sonoma County Water Agency, Steve Fogle, executive director of the Russian River Chamber of Commerce, Don McEnhill, works with Friends of the Russian River.

8:00 am
Urban to Rural: Living in the country, applying those ideas to the
city and the surburbs. Adam Wolpert, one of the founders of the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, director of its arts program and co-director of its intentional community program; Wanda Urbanska, author of Simple Living: One Couple’s Search for a Better Life and Moving To A Small Town : A Guidebook To Moving From Urban To Rural America; Dave Ruhm, Post Carbon Institute; Dave Hensen, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, Doron Amiran, programs director, Solar Living Institute in Hopland.

Morning Show Segue Music:

Time: 1st hour

Artist: Shankar & Gingger

Title: Celestial Body

Album: Celestial Body

Label: Ganesh Music (BMI)

Time: 2nd hour

Artist: Shiyani Ngcobo

Title: Kheta Eyakho

Album: Introducing Shiyani Ngcobo

Label: World Music Network

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