Steppin' Out of Babylon

Steppin’ Out of Babylon – August 25, 2004

Sirikit Syah founded LKM Media Consumer’s Board, the first and only
media watch organization in Indonesia. Ms. Sirikit is also a founder
and Vice Chairman of Surabaya School of Mass Communication and is the
recently elected Chairman of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission
for East Java province. As a journalist, activist and educator she
focuses on journalism in regions of conflict, media ethics, and
freedom of the press. Ms. Syah also has a weekly interactive radio
program, edits a monthly media watch journal , and publishes
anthologies of essays on topics such as women’s issues and politics
in the media.

In this conversation Sirikit Syah talks about her background, many
media projects, being a Muslim woman, the press in Indonesia and her
view of the US.

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