Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – August 22, 2004

First Hour:
The Sidewalks of NY:
Protests and Street Heat
Guests: Mtume Gant, Actor, MC, Poet; Suzie Schwartz, Youth Organizer, RNC Not Welcome; Paul Theberge, NY ACLU; Dan Spalding, Midnight Special Law Collective.

Hour Two:
Inside Us, Inside Politics:
The Historical and Spritual Dimensions of Activism

Guests: Kristine Drews, Director/Creator, Peace and Sprituality Conference, Oakland, 8/28; Jacqueline Edwards, conference participant; Richard Griffoul, communications director, Oakland museum (see exhibit details, "What’s Going On: California and the Vietnam Era", others TBA.

Listener phone-ins and e-mails welcome both hours:
[email protected]

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