Explorations – August 17, 2004

Greg Klerkx, author of Lost in Space : The Fall of NASA and the Dream of a New Space Age. Also: Accident at Japanese nuclear power plant kills 4 workers and injured 7, worst nuclear accident since 1999 when 2 workers were killed, hundreds were effected, and thousands were evacuated when an accidental chain reaction was created north of Tokyo; Dead Zone found off the coast of Oregon. A Dead Zone is caused by the lack of oxygen that kills all animal life. Scientists puzzled. Will Hubble be saved thanks to public pressure? NASA under intense public pressure to save the telescope.
How much of our behavior is caused by our genes? Scientists experimenting on monkeys find they could change the level of dopamine in their brains using genetic techniques. Caloric restriction is perhaps the only proven way to extend lifespan. Scientists say they are now able to detect, at the molecular level, the genetic change caused by caloric restrictions, which may lead to a pill that can extend lifespan.

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