The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – August 11, 2004

The Bush Administration moves to toughen the rules for deporting
undocumented immigrants…… immigrants without the proper papers apprehended
within 100 miles of the border will be thrown out of the country
immediately — without a hearing and without being able to plead for
political asylum

U.S. occupation forces in Iraq on the verge of a risky gamble — a full fledged
assault on the holy city of Najaf to put down a Shiite insurgency
there… .its an action that could anger the country’s majority Shiite
population, even those who do not support the Mahdi army’s uprising

A U.S. citizen captured on a battlefield in Afghanistan in the war on terror
may soon walk free after three years in custody — it would be a major
legal defeat for the Bush Administration

Ralph Nader will not be the presidential candidate on the Green party’s
ballot in California. ..the party’s executive committee votes 11 to 7 to
stick with the national party’s selection of David Cobb

Tenant activists in San Francisco take to the streets of north beach to
decry what they say is an epidemic of evictions there

Organizers of a recall of San Francisco Supervisor Sophie Maxwell are
crying foul over how the City’s department of elections is handling the

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