Democracy Now 9am (rebroadcast)

Democracy Now! – August 14, 2014

Armed w/ Military-Grade Weapons, Missouri Police Crack Down on Protests over Michael Brown Shootin; Worse Than Tiananmen? 1st Anniversary of Egyptian Army Killings of 800+ Anti-Coup Protesters; New Family Detention Centers Hold Immigrant Women and Children Without Bond as Asylum Claims Pend.

August 14, 2014

    Israel, Hamas Agree to 5-Day Ceasefire Extension
    U.S.: Siege of Mount Sinjar Broken, Rescue Mission Unlikely
    U.N. Elevates Warning Level for Iraq as Refugees Top 1.5 Million
    Ferguson Police Escalate Crackdown on Michael Brown Protests
    2 Journalists Detained Covering Ferguson Protests
    Ferguson Police Continue to Withhold Officer’s Name; Justice Dept. Confirms Police Probes
    LAPD Accused of Shooting Dead Unarmed Man
    2 Killed in Egypt Protests Marking 1-Year Anniversary of Rabaa Massacre
    U.N.: Ukrainian Death Toll Doubled over 2-Week Period

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