Cover to Cover with Jack Foley

Cover to Cover- with Jack Foley – August 13, 2014

Today’s show is a tribute to British poet/playwright/actor Heathcote Williams. Actor Alan Cox reads Williams’ accusatory, vibrantly disturbing poem, “An Old Man and a Young Man in Gaza.” The poem ends, “Israel’s vision of itself was once
/ As a ‘light unto the nations.’
/ It has no need of the fearful hatred, 
/ Fuelling its bombs and its bullets,
/ Unless it wishes to fade away – 
/ Putting out the light that might enable it
/ To see the stranger as a friend.” Complete version available here:


In addition, Jack reads Williams’ scathing “Hollywoodland,” an examination “Of a death cult idolizing its fearless and glamorous screen killers / In a town named after holly, full of pricks and drawing blood.” Williams writes,


Auden said, “Poetry

Makes nothing happen,” but he

Was completely wrong.


The world that you know

Can be made to change its shape

With just one poem


Poured into your ears

Then into your brain and heart,

And no bills to pay.


Poetry can make

Everything happen at once.


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