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Democracy Now! – August 6, 2014

As Palestinians Go To ICC, Human Rights Watch Alleges Israeli War Crimes for Shooting Fleeing Gazan; Can Israel Claim Self-Defense Against the Territory It Occupies? Int’l Jurist John Dugard Says No; Killing of U.S. General by Afghan Soldier Underscores Obama’s “Deep Problems” in Winding Down War; “War Makes Everyone Crazy”: Hiroshima Survivor Reflects on 69th Anniversary of U.S. Atomic Bombing.

August 6, 2014

    Palestinians Dig Bodies from Rubble as Ceasefire Holds
    Gaza Health Ministry: 430 Children Killed; UNICEF Warns of “Tragic Impact”
    Ceasefire Talks Set for Cairo; Palestinians Seek War Crimes Charges Against Israel
    British Activists Stage Action at Israeli Arms Factory; U.K. Minister Speaks Out on Resignation
    U.S. General Shot Dead in Afghanistan; Highest-Ranking Official Killed in Combat Since Vietnam
    Ebola Toll Nears 900, Over 1,600 Infections
    U.N.: Massive Displacement, “Worsening Humanitarian Situation” in Eastern Ukraine
    Report: Nearly Half of People on Terrorism Watchlist Have No Known Terror Ties
    Obama Pledges $33 Billion in Aid, Investments at Africa Summit
    Head of Argentine Human Rights Group Reunited with Disappeared Grandson

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