Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (6 am) – July 30, 2004

2 Hour Special:
Kerry Accepts Nomination: Vows to Increase Military By 40,000 & Double No. of Special Forces

Flashback: A Rare Broadcast of John Kerry’s 1971 Speech Against the Vietnam War Before the Senate

A July Surprise? Pakistan Announces Arrest of Top Al Qaeda Figure Hours Before Kerry Speech

Hundreds Protest DNC in Boston; Two-Faced Effigy of Bush & Kerry Burned

DNC Delegate Arrested After Being Refused Entry To Fleet Center

Democracy Now! Confronts Madeline Albright on the Iraq Sanctions: Was It Worth The Price?

Democratic National Convention Chair Bill Richardson Questioned on the Party’s Pro-War Stance

Kweisi Mfume on President Bush’s Refusal to Address the NAACP

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