The History Of Funk

Over The Edge – Universe pt 59 What About 60s pt W-2

this episode is no longer available


We vacuum the magic carpet for a clean ride over the civil rights movements of the 60’s, some of the Soul and Motown soundtrack accompanying them, Harry Shearer’s Nixon, Vietnam appears, Lenny Bruce on stereo nuts, a big dose of Janis Joplin live in ’68, and some quintessential Blues Rock&Roll from the just passed Johnny Winter.

3 Hours.



Al Eaton, Paris, Skyler JettHistory of Funk intro songdemo
Isley BrothersClimbing UP the LadderGo For Your Guns
Teena MarieBehind the Groove
SlaveSizzlin' HotStone Jam
SunRadiation LevelDestination Sun
FatbackYum yumYum Yum
Chocolate MilkGirl Callin'Best of
CommodoresGirl I think the world about yaHot on the Tracks
Dr. JohnRight Place wrong time
Ohio PlayersContradictionContradiction
Zigaboo ModelisteNew LifeNew Life
The Fatback BandGot To Learn How to DanceYum Yum
Bootsy CollinsF-EncounterUltra Wave
QuazarYour Lovin is EasyFunk with a Big Foot
Clarence ReidI'm gonna get my share
FunkadelicBe My BeachLet's Take it to the stage
ParliamentThe FreezeGloryallastupid
ParliamentWizard of FinanceFunkentelechy vs
Brides of FunkensteinJust Like You
Con Funk ShunSo Easy
Destani WolfUprising
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