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Democracy Now! – June 26, 2014

Supreme Court Says Warrants Needed to Search Cellphones, But are “Stingrays” a Police Workaround?; Mississippi Burning at 50: Relatives of Civil Rights Workers Look Back at Murders that Shaped an Era; 50 Years After Freedom Summer, U.S. Faces Greatest Curbs on Voting Rights Since Reconstruction.

June 26, 2014

    Supreme Court Rules Police Need Warrant to Search Cellphones
    Courts Uphold Marriage Equality in Utah, Indiana
    Report: U.S. Deported Over 72,000 Parents of U.S.-Born Children in 2013
    Sunni Militants Seize Town Near Baghdad; Iraqi Forces Prep Battle for Water Dam
    Bombing Kills 21 at Nigerian Shopping Center
    U.S. Economy Suffers Largest Contraction in Years
    U.N. Experts: Detroit’s Mass Water Shut-Off Violates Human Rights
    Boehner Seeks Lawsuit Against Obama Executive Actions
    U.S. Journalist Allan Nairn Threatened with Arrest in Indonesia
    Jailed Al Jazeera Journalist: “We Must Remain Committed to Fight This Gross Injustice”


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