The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – July 22, 2004

The September 11th Commission criticizes both the Bush and
Clinton administrations for failing to fully grasp or effectively combat the
threat posed by Al Qaeda and calls for a radical shake .up of U.S. intelliegnce… the commission’s final report — issued unanimously — points to deep institutional failures and missed opportunities to thwart the hijackings that killed almost 3000 people

A contentious hearing before a committee of the House of Representatives
as Halliburton executives defend their company’s gigantic contracts in
Iraq. …the chair of the committee derides Halliburton whistleblowers as out
to embarrass former Vice President Dick Cheney during an election year

State air regulators vote to limit the amount of time diesel trucks and
buses can idle their engines

San Francisco officials launch a campaign to educate the public on how the
city’s new instant run-off voting system works

Senate Democrats block three more of President Bush’s nominees to the
federal bench

A jam packed hearing on local broadcast media held by the federal
communications commission in Monterrey

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