Cover to Cover with Jack Foley

Cover to Cover- with Jack Foley – June 18, 2014

During the month of June, Jack Foley will play interviews with listener poets who will each read a poem on his show. You will be surprised by the depth and variety of the work presented here. Some of these poets are seasoned veterans of the poetry skirmishes of the San Francisco Bay Area; others are unpublished or barely published hopefuls. All of them write with intelligence, awareness, and emotional conviction. Listener Poets Mary-Marcia Casoly, a poet and visual artist who has published various books of her own (“Run to Tenderness,” “Lost Pages of Bird Lore”) and who edits “Fresh Hot Bread” from the Waverley Writers, and “Krypto Doktor Maugre,” pen name of W. Patrick McGuire, whose unknown, multilingual, experimental, ongoing work, “Emperial Citizen’s Formulary Psychiatrical Theory and Stool Analysis” is an extraordinary experience.


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