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Making Contact – G.M.nO! Genetically Modified Democracy

More than 60 counties either ban or require labelling on GMO foods; the US is not one of them. Frustrated consumers and farmers are pushing for state or county regulations, but the seed and pesticide companies are fighting back. Today, we bring you a special episode investigating corporate control of our democracy and our dinner plates. This program is part of What the Fork, a collaboration between Making Contact, Center for Media and Democracy/The Progressive Magazine and Food Democracy Now.


Rebecca Wilce, Progressive and ALEC Exposed reporter; Marcia Ishii-Eieman, Pesticide Action Network senior scientist; Don Tipping, Seven Seeds Farm owner; Chris Hardy, Rogue valley farmer; Elise Higley, Our Family Farms Coalition leader; Magdeleno Rose-Avila, Yes on 15-119 volunteer; Barry Bushue, American Farm Bureau vice president; Klayton Kubo, Kauai citizen; Gary Hooser, Kauai County Council member; Dr. Judy Shabert, Harvard Physician; Chris Broussard, Whinney Hee, James Masey, concerned Kauai residents; Dean Okimoro, Farm Bureau Association president; David Louie, Hawaii Attorney General; Harry Stalford & Willow Coberly, Stalford Seed Farms farmers.

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