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Democracy Now! – May 28, 2014

Obama Extends Nation’s Longest War to 2016, Leaving Afghan Civilians in U.S.-Taliban Crossfire; In Aiding Rescue of Kidnapped Schoolgirls in Nigeria, Will U.S. Expand Military Foothold in Africa? Egyptian Regime Scrambles to Boost Low Turnout in Election Sealing General Sisi’s Grip on Power.

May 28, 2014

    Obama: U.S. to End Afghan Occupation in 2016
    Thousands Gather for Shooting Vigil at U.C. Santa Barbara
    Father of Slain Victim Urges Pressure on Congress for Gun Control
    Obama Delays Deportation Policy Review to Prod GOP on Immigration Reform
    Ukraine in Control of Donetsk Airport Following Deadly Clashes
    Dozens Killed in New Boko Haram Attack; Ex-President Reportedly Involved in Kidnap Talks
    Hacker Turned Informant “Sabu” Avoids More Prison Time
    Supreme Court Strikes Down Florida Law Restricting Death Row Challenges for Mentally Disabled
    Conyers Back on Primary Ballot After Signature Mishap
    Snowden Gives First TV Interview to U.S. Network
    Former Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke: Bush Committed War Crimes


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