Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – May 27, 2014

Will Election Unite Ukraine? Dozens Killed in Airport Battle as President-Elect Vows Russia Talks; #YesAllWomen: Rebecca Solnit on the Santa Barbara Massacre & Viral Response to Misogynist Violence.

May 27, 2014

    Gunman Who Vowed “War on Women” Kills 6 in California
    Nigerian Official Says Location of Missing Girls Known
    Report: U.S. Creating Commando Units in 4 African Countries
    Obama Discusses Future U.S. Presence in Surprise Afghanistan Trip
    White House Mistakenly Outs Top CIA Official in Afghanistan
    U.N. Warns of New Carbon Dioxide Milestone; House Votes to Bar Pentagon Funds for Climate Change
    3 Missing in Colorado Mudslide; Crews Battle Fires in Arizona, Alaska
    U.S. Suspends $3.5 Million in Military Aid to Thailand After Coup
    Egypt Declares Holiday to Urge Voting in Presidential Election
    Far-Right Parties Gain Ground in European Parliament


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