The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – July 16, 2004

The House of Representatives approves a 19 billion dollar foreign aid
bill with billions of dollars in military assistance for U.S. allies in Iraq
and the so-called war on terror. . . .the legislation also contains a
measure cutting off aid — economic and military — for any country that
does not pledge not to turn U.S. citizens over to the International
Criminal court

The Philippines withdraws 11 more soldiers from Iraq to meet demands of
militants holding a truck driver hostage, rejecting U.S. pleas to resist….

Thailand begins withdrawing its forces as their deployment ends, rejecting
a plea from U.N. Secretary General Anan to stay on longer

Immigrant rights and labor unions accuse the Bush Administration of
blocking a vote on a popular immigration reform bill, the AG Jobs bill

Civil rights group sue a San Joaquin Valley School District over the way it
elects trustees. …the district — 40 Percent Latino — hasn’t elected a
Latino in 20 years

A jobs program for the homeless in the East Bay on the ropes after the
Bush Administration freezes its funds

The U.S. Forest Service launches the largest timber sale in modern U.S.

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