Explorations – July 13, 2004

Physicist Brad Edwards, Institute for Scientific Research, on the “Space Elevator.” Also: The Union of Concerned Scientists issues another scathing report criticizing the Bush Administration for injecting politics and pure ideology into scientific matters, charging that the Bush Administration is packing committees and re-writing committee reports to reflect the ideology of the Bush Administration; Second hand smoke: is it really bad for you? Scientist find 60% increase chance in heart disease for people exposed to second hand smoke; Is the American born scientist a dying breed? The Department of Energy reports that science comprehension and literacy amongst high school kids is comparable to that of 3rd world countries. What can be done?; Anti-nuclear activist dealt a severe setback concerning the storage of nuclear waste at the Yucca Mountain site in Nevada, however court also added a twist that could derail some of the plans of the Department of Energy to store nuclear waste in our back yard; A new age gene has been identified in mammals.

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