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The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – July 12, 2004

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President Bush defends his decision to invade Iraq — in his first statements on the topic since release of the scathing Senate committee report on prewar intelligence.. .

The Philippines says it will withdraw its contingent from Iraq in a last ditch attempt to save the life of a Filipino hostage…

A Bay Area-based anti-war group files a breach of contract lawsuit after
media giant Clear Channel blocks a billboard opposing the Iraq war from
being posted in New York City.

An elderly paraplegic Palestinian man is reported crushed to death when an
Israeli armored bulldozer demolishes his home in the Gaza Strip…

Israeli Prime Minister Sharon and opposition Labor party leader Shimon Peres
hold talks on forming a coalition government…

San Francisco tenants rally to back a ballot measure that would install a tenant majority on the rent board…

Religious leaders protest what they call the state’s unequal funding of
Oakland schools . . .

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