The Morning Show

The Morning Show – July 12, 2004

7:00 am
Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, Director of Health Development and Policy
Institute in Ramallah and co-author of the new Palestinian National

7:30 am
"Thirst" screening Tuesday evening at 10 p.m. on Channel 9

8:00 am
100th anniversary of poet Pablo Neruda’s birth. Fernando Torres, staff member at La Pena, member of Friends of Pablo Neruda, and Chilean-American. Organized the upcoming "Semana Nerudiana" at La Peña Cultural Center. Alisa Perez, member of La Pena Community Chorus and of Colibri, a children’s music duo; also a member of Friends of Pablo Neruda. Ivan Herrera, member of Friends of Pablo Neruda, Chilean-American, Quique Cruz, composer of the score for the new documentary "Pablo Neruda Presente!", and member of the group Quijerema, who’ll beperforming at La Pena as part of the Festival Nerudiana.

8:30 am
Parenting with Opal Palmer-Adisa. Molly Barker, author of Girls On Track: A Parent’s Guide to Inspiring Our Daughters to Achieve a Lifetime of Self-Esteem and Respect.

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