Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – July 7, 2004

Join co-hosts Malihe and Khalil for this week’s program, during which, we will first hear an interview with Elaine Hagopian, Professor Emerita of Sociology at Simmons College, to discuss the policies of the Syrian regime under the presidency of Bashar Al-Asad. Bashar succeeded his father, Hafiz Al-Asad in July 2000 when the latter passed way after having been the General Secretary of the ruling Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party and the country’s president for nearly thirty years. The reasons behind Syria’s involvement in Lebanon as well as the U.S. and Israel’s policies toward Syria will also be examined.

Then, we will be talking with Souad Massi, a young talented and courageous Algerian aorist. Souad is a rising star in Europe. She has used her music to speak about the Algerian people. As part of her first tour in the U.S., she will performing along with Lila Downs at the Stern Grove Festival in San Francisco on Sunday, July 11.

Also, in the program, an interview with local artist Said Nuseibeh about a slide show of his photographs titled “Image, identity and cultural transformation, the Horseshoe arch in Al Andalus, 750-C.E.-Present” at the Arab Cultural Center in San Francisco on July 16th.

To contact us at the Middle Eastern and North African Perspectives (MENAP), you can call 510-848-6767, ext.632, or send an e-mail to [email protected]. MENAP’s web site, menap.org, is currently under construction.

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