Making Contact

Making Contact – Sounding the Alarm: Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is a growing problem. Affecting everything from the lives of people living under airplane flight paths, to marine life. On this edition, we’ll hear from people struggling to be heard over the din of our noisy modern life and ask, is there anywhere left in the world you can get some peace and quiet?

Les Blomberg, Noise Pollution Clearing House executive director, Bernie Krause, Wild Sanctuary founder; Gordon Hempton, One Square Inch of Silence founder; Professor John Hildebrand, Scripps Institute of Oceanography; Miyoko Sakashita, Center for Biological Diversity, oceans director; Kenneth Hess, Naval Operations, Energy and Environment Readiness Division chief;  Dr. Aaron Rice, Cornell University Bioacoustics Research Program science director; Janet McEneaney and Robert Whitehair, Queens Quiet Skies.

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