The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – June 28, 2004

In a surprise and secret ceremony, U.S. occupation authorities transfer nominal authority to the interim Iraqi Government two days early …the news is greeted with cynicism by the Iraqi population, explosions in Baghdad, fighting in Ramadi and a marine captured three months ago has been executed…

The U.S. Supreme Court imposes the first limits on president Bush’s war on terrorism when it rules that terror suspects can use the U.S. judicial system to challenge their imprisonment.

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader presses ahead with his drive to get on state ballots after the Green Party convention spurns his bid for an endorsement.

Negotiators for legislative leaders and Governor Schwarzenegger meet behind closed doors to resolve the remaining budget issues — including money for State universities, public health programs, and local government.

A plea to San Francisco Supervisors and the Mayor to come to an agreement on a housing bond for the November ballot

And the interim U.S. backed Haitian government arrests former prime minister
Yvon neptune, who served under deposed President Aristide.

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