Instructions for making a Stock Gift to KPFA Radio 

Thank you for donating stock to KPFA! Our EIN number is 94-1347046. Please fill out the form below so we can accurately track your donation. After filling out this form, please email us at the contact below with the stock name and amount. You should then have your brokerage firm direct this document as follows. 

Account Transfers Department 

LPL Financial 

4707 Executive Dr. 

San Diego, CA 92121 

For Credit to: Pacifica Foundation dba KPFA Radio 

Account No: 3943-7769 

DTC 0075 

Please donate _______ shares of ____________ held under my name, ___________________________, with account no. ______________________ to KPFA Radio’s account at LPL Financial, LLC. 

If you would like to be acknowledged for your stock donation and receive a charitable receipt, please provide your contact information below and email a copy to [email protected]