A special presentation featuring poetry readings and discussions by iconic poets, established ones, and up-and-comers. Archival recordings of Allen Ginsberg, June Jordan, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Jack Kerouac are part of the mix, as are suggestions for how to approach and enjoy poetry. Minal Hajratwala Mira Martin-Parker Craig Santos Perez Matthew Zapruder Pacifica Radio Archives (Photo by Goodshoped35110s.)


GOP insurrection cont.! Daniel Ellsberg

January 6 was just a warm-up, says Heather Digby Parton, founder of Hullabaloo blog.  PLUS: 50 years after the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg is planning to expose more classified documents to the press, and himself to more trouble from the Authorities. Hosted by Kris Welch.

Photo: Fidel Castro meets Evo Morales, Rafael Correa, Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. By Alex Castro/Cubadebate, licensed by CC 2.0. On this show: 0:08 – Dan La Botz (@DanLaBotz) journalist, labor union activist, and author of What Went Wrong? The Nicaraguan Revolution: A Marxist Analysis, from Haymarket Books joins us to discuss the crackdown against … Continued