TAKEN FROM US: Remembering lives lost to police violence

For this series, we wanted to take a deeper look at the lives of people who have been killed by the police in the Bay Area in the past few years. Beyond the headlines, we wanted to learn more about who they were when they were alive and how their families are dealing with the loss.

These are stories about loss, grief, and the deeply human costs of police violence, as told by the family members of victims. 


“He just had a beautiful heart”
Remembering Mario Woods

Interview with Gwendolyn Woods

Reported and produced by Lucy Kang



“I didn’t know I was praying for myself”
Remembering Richard Perkins Jr.

Interview with Ada Perkins-Henderson

Reported and produced by Lucy Kang



“My heart was shattered to pieces”
Remembering Alan Blueford

Interview with Jeralynn and Adam Blueford

Reported by Wren Farrell. Edited and produced by Lucy Kang



“Nobody got hurt that day but her”
Remembering Yuvette Henderson

Interview with Jamison Robinson

Reported by Chris Lee. Edited and produced by Lucy Kang



“They’re not gods…That’s not justice”
Remembering Erik Salgado

Interview with Farid Majail, Amanda Isabel Majail Blanco, and Vanessa Majail

Produced by Lucy Kang, with Chris Lee

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