Mother’s Day Special 2016

Women’s Magazine producers bring you a special Mother’s Day show.  We unearth the hidden feminist herstories of this ultimate Hallmark holiday and explore the invisibility so many mothers feel, even amidst constant lip service to the sanctity of motherhood.

Elaine Showalter discusses the extraordinary life of Julia Ward Howe, author of both the Mother’s Day Peace Proclamation and the Battle Hymn of the Republic;

Sharon Sobotta talks about “opting into” motherhood in her own life and with Amy Richards, author of the book OPTING IN;

Jeannine Etter talks with Rosemary Agonito, author of THE LAST TABOO, about the challenge of rejecting motherhood;

Author Desiree Cooper reads from and speaks about her beautiful collection, KNOW THE MOTHER, short works delving into the connections between gender, race, and migration;

Lisa Dettmer pays tribute to her own mother and brings us a wonderful range of voices of women honoring the struggles and triumphs of their mothers, from Hong Kong to New York to Argentina.

Listen now.

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