June 2004 LSB Meeting Records

Regular Meeting of the KPFA Local Station Board
June 13th, 2004 at the Freight and Salvage Coffee House, Berkeley

Minutes were recorded by Mary Bishop, KPFA Administrative Assistant, and Avery Colter.

Members present constituting a quorum: Carol Spooner, Steve Conley, Miguel Molina, Ted Friedman, Max Pringle, Lisa Rothman, Annie Hallett, Mary Berg, LaVarn Williams, Marnie Tattersall, Michael Lubin, Riva Enteen (Chair), Bonnie Simmons, Sarv Randhawa, William Walker, Max Blanchet, Gerald Sanders, Mark Hernandez, Willie Thompson, Fadi Saba, Willie Ratcliff, Jane Jackson

Absent: Sepideh Khosrowjah, Debbie Speer, Howard Beeman

Meeting commenced at 11:18am.

I. Introductions
The Chair made opening comments about conduct and process. The Parliamentarian can only attend meetings on Saturdays. The Board went down the line and introduced themselves and some mentioned programs that they heard that they appreciated on KPFA in the last week.

II. Agenda Review/ Approval
Motion by Michael Lubin: to excuse the three absent members.
Passes by unanimous consent.
The absences of Khosrowjah, Speer and Beeman are excused.

Motion by Michael Lubin: to not have special orders of the day but to keep the clock times on the agenda as advisory, though extending times in parentheses would require 2/3rds vote.
Seconded. Debate ensued.
6 in favor, 12 opposed, 2 abstentions. Motion fails.

Motion by Sarv Randhawa: to reduce agenda item 7 (Financial report) from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.
Seconded. No debate.
10 in favor, 7 opposed, 1 abstention. Motion passes.

Motion by Mark Hernandez: to move item 6 (Executive Session) to 2pm and to add item C (Chair conduct) to item 6.
Seconded. Debate ensued.
12 in favor, 7 opposed, No abstentions. Motion passes.

Motion by Willie Ratcliff: to permit but not require non-delegates to speak to item 12B (Report from PNB Delegates).
Seconded. Debate ensued.
15 in favor, 3 opposed, 3 abstentions. Motion passes.

Motion by Mary Berg: that governance committee resolutions be moved to the top of the reports from standing committees and that resolutions in general precede reports.
Debate ensued.
13 in favor, 6 opposed, no abstentions. Motion passes.

Motion by Willie Thompson: to approve the agenda as amended.
Seconded. Debate ensued.

Substitute Motion by Mark Hernandez: to place the first two resolutions from the programming committee reports into an item in new business.
Seconded. Debate ensued.
12 in favor, 5 opposed, 2 abstentions. Substitute Motion fails.

Vote on Main Motion:
17 in favor, 1 opposed. Motion Passes.
The Agenda was approved at 12:15.

III. Minutes Review/ Approval
Motion by Carol Spooner: to approve the minutes of 4/17.
Motion passes by unanimous consent.

Motion by Fadi Saba: to approve minutes of 4/25.
Seconded. Debate ensued.

Amendments proposed to minutes of 5/8 by Lisa Rothman.
(Text of proposed changes are given in Appendix below.)
No objections. The minutes shall be amended accordingly.

Main Motion passes without objection. Minutes from 4/25 approved.

Jane Jackson requested that the record show she abstained from the vote because she feels there are more corrections to be made.

Motion (maker not identified): to approve the minutes of 5/8.
Seconded. Debate ensued.

Amendments proposed to minutes of 5/8 by Lisa Rothman and Michael Lubin.
No objections. The minutes shall be amended accordingly.

Amendments proposed to minutes of 5/8 by Marnie Tattersall: I did say Bridge Over Troubled Waters. I also said Machiavellian and I want that to be included.
Debate ensued. No vote was taken.

Substitute Motion by Carol Spooner: to strike all Board members individual comments from the minutes of 5/8.
Seconded. Debate ensued.

Motion by Willie Thompson: to table the Substitute Motion of Spooner’s.
Seconded. Debate ensued.
15 in favor, 3 opposed, 3 abstentions. Motion passes.

Motion by Willie Thompson: to table the discussion and approval of the minutes of 5/8 and 5/22.
Seconded. No debate.
12 in favor, 7 opposed, 2 abstentions. Motion passes. Discussion tabled at 12:40.

IV. Announcements
Board members took 13 minutes for announcements, ending at 12:53.

V. Public Comments
The Board allotted 45 minutes to listen to comments from the public in attendance. The public comment segment ended at 1:30pm.

Break from 1:30 – 1:45pm

VI. Financial Report from LaVarn Williams
See hand-outs. Good-bye to Eileen Hazel. LaVarn read through and summarized the notes that she handed out to the full body. Sensitivity to racism. Important for everyone. Building improvements, Jim’s ideas.

Spooner: Fiscal 05 budget delayed. PNB clarifying necc for info on finances for LSB Treasurer’s. National debt. $100k KPFA has contributed. Not on PNB report. Last year not budgeting to pay down debt. Last minute actions. Intention to advocate for budgeting to pay down national debt. How much of national debt to be paid by each station subject to decision by PNB.

VII. General Manager’s Report
The Board allotted (5) minutes for Q&A.
[Secretary’s note: Jim has been asked to submit the complete text of his statement, if available, and it will be included in the minutes.]
Thanks LSB members for phone volunteering. (21 min on record money raised).
Other public stations not meeting goals – shifting to KPFA? Suggests retreat. Community radio tech conf being planned. No such retreat before for Pacifica. Job opening for business manager. Discussion needed on making full-time position. Does many assistant mgr tasks. Listener survey for mail in or online, with individual access codes.

Spooner: Database problems with elections. Mailing list maintenance.

Saba, Bennett: Grant, budget and programming issues. List of programs which are grant based. Not much mention of $25 eligibility for voting. Press pass: Can publish info on process.

Blanchet: Submit report ahead of time. Survey: role for LSB important. Structure? Non-English?

Sanders: What can be done to get program council moving? June 5, live feed, march against occupation. Didn’t happen.

Bennett: Technical issues re broadcast. Info came last minute from event organizers. ISDN line ordering, staff assignments. Program council: Interim plan agreeable to everyone for limited time, until permanent ways are found for selecting members.

Thompson: change required for salary changes? What is done with surplus.

Bennett: Was originally full time. Ladi and Eileen halftime by choice. Historically, if surplus, Pacifica national stole it. Capital improvements. Month in reserve of op costs, savings account for emergency expenses.

Bennett: Internet programming, impact of Youth Radio, where programs are, etc

Williams: Congrats listeners. Second retreat good idea.

Bennett: Osegueda has been pinpointed Development Liaison. Congratulations.

Spooner: Job type is board decision, on the basis of financial information.

Lubin: Status of change of morning times of Democracy Now.

Bennett: Survey will be conducted.

Lubin: Decision already made by council and approved by LSB.

Bennett: We are working on it currently.

Enteen: Jim available on weekly basis to LSB members for detailed questions. Willing to move this to 5PM.

Walker: Offer to tape report. Survey: think beyond donor base. Use web, other methods. How to incorporate non-internet users?. Some can be done for $8-10k.

Randhawa: Budget surplus. Building “falling apart”. National and local question. Talked with Exec Director re plans.

Bennett: KPFA to find its own way. Capital campaign for the retail space. Must know intended use. KPFA running out of office space. Could use for meeting space for board and other meetings. Put together, consulting architect. Might move down the street, expand to other buildings.

Jackson: Identify grantors. Breakdown of donations – time, individual – “a few fat cats or low income members” Itemized for each program on find drive. Resolution: a retreat.

Bennett: It’s on computer. Can be compiled.

Ratcliff: Choppy reception in San Francisco. Worse in last month. Staff-LSB relations – committee for capital projects. Submit survey material to LSB.

Bennett: Transmitter, position, geography. Ongoing. Power reduction. New transmitter ready to put on line by next month. Not sure if makes difference in signal strength. Trying to get repeater in San Francisco, ongoing attempts.

Conley: Material for outlines of each program. Event facilitation, tabling, notification. National office considering renting space – effects?

Bennett: Only out of date on line. Can revisit descriptions. National office seeking nearby space, would give office space back to KPFA.

Williams: The LSB Show is scheduled on June 30th at 7pm

Time: 2:54

Spooner: Vini will not convene program council until community representative seats are filled.

Spooner moves to deal with this issue now (res 1 program committee), and time and place of meeting, LSB prepresentatives, interim community representatives Nagy and Woods.
2/3 vote required.

Jackson suggests time and place of next meeting take priority before all remaining business. Discussion commences.

Walker makes a subsitutte motion: The interim ad hoc committee in regard the process for selecting the Program Council community representatives meet in ten days. Committee present report for process to LSB within 21 days. Nagy to stay in his seat.
Ruled out of order.

Ballott voting commences on the times of next meetings. STV used.

Vote results:
Passes: That LSB meetings shall take place on the 4th Saturday at 11am

The following proposed meeting times failed:
4th Sunday 11am
2nd Saturday 11am
2nd Sunday 11am.

If additional meetings are requied:
Passes: Saturday 11am, 2 weeks after the previous regular meeting

The following proposed times for additional meetings failed:
Monday 7pm, 2 weeks after the previous regular meeting
Wednesday 7pm, 2 weeks after the previous regular meeting
Friday 7pm, 2 weeks after the previous regular meeting
Sunday 11am, 2 weeks after the previous regular meeting

Meeting adjourned 3:35
Amendments to minutes of 5/8/04 proposed by Lisa Rothman and approved at
LSB Meeting of June 13th, 2004

Statement by Lisa Rothman: These are the changes to the minutes of May 8th I would like us to vote on. They begin towards the bottom of page 15. For context, I have included some of the language that occurs before and after my proposed changes in this e-mail. I have placed the changes in brackets. These changes would strike the statement “Call the question to end debate” and insert my language in its place.

Lisa Rothman: I support the sub motion. As a staff person who is responsible for raising money, I feel I know what is going to happen. I am not just here as a staff person, I am here to serve the listeners. This sub motion would be a comprehensive survey. If we are going to air DN! at night, we could know when people want to hear it. It is respectful of the listeners, the staff and the LSB.

[Michael Lubin rose to call the orders of the day.

Lisa asked for a point of information about what made this agenda different from all of the LSB’s previous agendas where calling the orders of the day had not been an option.

Michael explained that this agenda did not include the phrase “times subject to change” and that Miguel had to leave at 2 and wanted to be able to participate in the vote.

Vote on calling the orders of the day which would require a 2/3rds vote to continue debate]
13 in favor, 10 opposed

Vote on Substitute Motion: 11 in favor, 12 opposed. Motion fails.
Roll call:
In favor: Mary Berg, Annie Hallett, Mark Hernandez, Max Pringle, Sarv Randhawa, Willie Ratcliff, Lisa Rothman, Bonnie Simmons, Marnie Tattersall, Willie Thompson, William Walker
Opposed: Howard Beeman, Max Blanchet, Steve Conley, Ted Friedman, Jane Jackson, Sepideh Khosrowjah, Michael Lubin, Miguel Molina, Fadi Saba, Gerald Sanders, Carol Spooner, LaVarn Williams