January 2006 LSB Meeting Records

KPFA Local Station Board Meeting
Saturday, January 7, 2006, at 11:00 AM
Freight and Salvage Coffee House
1111 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA.

11:20AM: Meeting called to order. Brian Edwards-Tiekert moves to convene as Delegates after conclusion of public comment. Approved without objection.

11:24am: Introductions and Announcements. Present for all or part of the meeting: Mary Berg, Max Blanchet, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Sherry Gendelman, Annie Hallatt, Chandra Hauptman, Mark Hernandez, Sepideh Khosrowjah, Attila Nagy, Rosalinda Montes Palacios, Eric Park, Richard Phelps, Sarv Randhawa, Willie Ratcliff, Lisa Rothman, Fadi Saba, Bonnie Simmons, Marnie Tattersall, Joe Wanzala, William Walker, LaVarn Williams, Stan Woods. Roy Campanella (GM). .

11:41am: BET moves to excuse absences of HB, RE and DS. Approved without objection.

11:42am: Review/Approve Agenda: Brian moves to approve agenda. Sepideh: Put Program Council listener rep issue on agenda. MB: Point Of Order. We voted 19-2 to confirm Marcia Wexler-Kerwit. Fadi: agrees. Discussion. Chair rules to put item on agenda as #7-2.
11:57am: Agenda approved as amended.

11:58am: Consent Calendar: Marnie pulls #2 (2006 meeting schedule). Fadi pulls #3. Sherry pulls #4 and #5. Sarv pulls #6.
Only #1 passes (next meeting date).

12:02pm: Approval of Minutes: Max moves to approve minutes of 11/19/05. Passes without objection.
Max moves to approve 12/17/05 minutes as amended (removal of typo). Passes without objection.

Max inquires as to the 2005 attendance report. WW: He does have it, will post it on website.

12:08pm: GM Report. The report is appended to these minutes.

12:22-12:35pm: Public Comment.

12:35pm: 5-minute BREAK.


Roll Call. Present for all or part of the session: Mary Berg, Max Blanchet, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Sherry Gendelman, Annie Hallatt, Chandra Hauptman, Mark Hernandez, Sepideh Khosrowjah, Attila Nagy, Rosalinda Montes Palacios, Eric Park, Richard Phelps, Sarv Randhawa, Willie Ratcliff, Lisa Rothman, Fadi Saba, Bonnie Simmons, Joe Wanzala, William Walker, LaVarn Williams, Stan Woods. Les Radke on hand to conduct ballot counting process.

Election of Listener and Staff Directors to PNB.

Listener Nominees: LaVarn Williams, Fadi Saba, Willie Ratcliff, Sarv Randhawa, Richard Phelps (declined), Rosalinda Palacios, Mark Hernandez, Chandra Hauptman (declined)

Staff Nominees: William Walker, Mary Berg, Bonnie Simmons (declined), Brian Edwards-Tiekert (declined).

Brian moves to remove the Q & A of both listener and staff nominees. Discussion.
12:51pm: Max moves to end debate. PASSES without objection.
Vote to remove Q&A: Yes 8, No 10, Abstain 3. FAILS.

12:55pm: Joe demands to see documentation to show all nominees’ names were emailed by 12/31/05. Moves that we not elect PNB directors until all can see this documentation. If secretary cannot produce it at this time, election must be postponed. Discussion/ debate ensues.
1:16pm: Lisa moves to end debate. PASSES without objection.
1:17pm: Vote to postpone election. Yes 8, No 12. FAILS.

1:26-1:42pm: Listener nominee statements from Mark, Rosalinda, Sarv, Willie, LaVarn.
1:42pm: Q & A.
VOTE on listener Directors. Les Radke urges that people not split their votes, otherwise there will be ties, which must be resolved by drawing straws.

1:55-2:02pm: Staff nominee statements from MB and WW.
2:02-2:19pm: Q & A.
2:20pm. Radke announces there are 22 ballots. Dispute arises because JW had left earlier, but had filled out his ballot before leaving.
Chair rules there must be a revote.
LaVarn appeals Chair’s ruling.
VOTE to uphold Chair. Yes: 11, No: 8, Abstain: 1. Chair’s ruling upheld.
2:27pm: Revote for staff Director.

2:35pm: Election results. Staff Director: 12 Mary Berg, 9 William Walker. MB elected.
Listener Directors: Sarv Randhawa, LaVarn Williams, Rosalinda Montes Palacios.
[Note: Detail of results, round by round, is appended to these minutes.]

2:40pm: Adjourn as Delegates, reconvene as LSB.
Agenda Item#8, LSBOC Town Hall budget approval.
Budget of $1355.00 approved without objection.

2:50pm: Election of LSB Secretary to replace MB, who must now resign.
Mark Hernandez elected unanimously.

Remaining agenda items postponed until next LSNB public meeting.
3:00pm: Max moves to convene in Ex Session at Youth Radio at 3:30pm. Discussion.
VOTE: Yes, 6, No 11. FAILS.

3:15PM: Public Session Adjourned.

General Manager Report to the LSB – January ‘06

General Manager Report to the Local Station Board
January ‘06

The following report provides a brief overview, an update about my Six Point Plan for Reconciliation, KPFA’s Winter Fund Drive, Affiliate relations, and Arbitrons.

Brief Overview: Financially, KPFA enters this new calendar year in a relatively strong position with a checking account balance of approximately $600,000 and a savings fund balance of $700,000. Regarding the contract with New College, we are still finalizing the language on this agreement. As stated previously, I will present it to the LSB before the final signing. Over thirty-five individuals have applied for the Website Director position. We just completed our first round of preliminary interviews. Since our last LSB meeting the FCC has formally granted license renewals for KPFA and KPFB. During the recent period of heavy rain the station experienced a minor amount of water accumulation in the area at the rear of the first floor in the archive-storage room. This situation was promptly addressed and no significant damage occurred. Finally, KPFA is playing a prominent role in Pacifica’s ‘gavel-to-gavel’ coverage of the Alito confirmation hearings beginning from Monday to Friday of next week.

Six Point Plan for Reconciliation – update: In November, after completing a successful Fall Fund Drive and securing approval of KPFA’s FY06 budget, I reported to the LSB that the conditions have improved for implementing my Six Point Plan for Reconciliation. Jane Ariel has been selected to lead a team of three facilitators working with the KPFA staff and management. This is a significant step forward. Our group facilitation will take place after the Winter Fund Drive ends in early February. The small group meetings in my plan will begin about one week after the group facilitation. As previously noted, I have completed the two CompassPoint workshops, explored the creation of a problem solving skills workshop for staff with various instructors, and eliminated the need for an Interim Program Director since the PD Hiring Committee is approaching the scheduling of interviews. Annual performance evaluations for the staff are still slated for March. I will continue to provide the LSB with updates.

Winter Fund Drive: KPFA’s Winter Fund Drive starts on Tuesday, January 24th and will hopefully end fifteen and ¼ days later on Wednesday, February 8th. We are less than three weeks from the start of what has consistently been a critically important drive. Historically, Winter Fund Drives have been the highest revenue generators for KPFA. In order to achieve our financial goal of $1,021,000 we need to average $75,000 per fund drive day. As you may recall, our Fall Fund Drive averaged $65,000 per day. KPFA’s eleven weekdays of programming are targeted to total $825,000; the four days of weekend programming are targeted at $130,000. Our final fund drive day only covers “Democracy Now!” and “The Morning Show.” It is targeted to generate $45,000. These are ambitious goals and we are working hard to select premiums and prepare special programming.

I would like to encourage all board members and listeners to volunteer for the drive. As you already must realize we need your help with such tasks as answering the phones and handling the basic logistics of a marathon fundraiser. Thank you for your consideration.

Affiliate Relations: The organizational strength and promising potential of Pacifica rests with its stations and its affiliates. Since 2002, the affiliates program has grown from 17 to 83 stations; almost 500%.

During early November (’05), I had the pleasure of visiting five independent, non-commercial radio stations in the Southwest and our sister station, KPFT in Houston. My trip was supported and encouraged by Pacifica’s Affiliate Director, Ursula Ruedenberg. Last January, during a discussion with the other General Managers within the Pacifica network we agreed about the importance of strengthening our affiliate relations in association with Ursula. Since then I have been in regular contact with Ursula to help achieve this important objective.

One of the stations I visited was already an affiliate; the University of New Mexico’s KUNM in Albuquerque. The other four stations visited were not affiliates. All are located in Texas: KAZI in Austin, KTSU in San Marcos, KNON in Dallas, and KNOB in Mineral Wells. My visit to KAZI and KNON had a positive influence on their decision to become Pacifica affiliates.

As Pacifica joins with other stations we assume a natural leadership role. My journey across the Southwest profoundly confirmed the vital importance of connecting in-person with affiliates and potential affiliates. From stations serving large urban populations like in Dallas to a low power station in a small town like Mineral Wells, I was greeted with warmth, sincerity, and generosity. The staff and management of these stations want to develop and maintain relations with Pacifica, in general, and KPFA, in particular. Repeatedly they expressed their deep appreciation that the General Manager of America’s oldest listener sponsored radio station had taken the time to visit with them. These stations expect us to play a significant leadership role within the independent media community.

Arbitrons: I have emailed to each LSB member Arbitron’s Non-Commercial Radio Market Summary for the Summer of 2005. After reviewing this summary please contact me if you would like to discuss it further. Briefly, KPFA is a close third to KCSM with KALW coming in fourth. KQED is number one with a healthy lead on its competitors. Among Pacifica’s five stations, during 2005, KPFA was the only one in the top twenty-five national ranking of non-commercial stations.

Respectfully submitted,

Roy Campanella II

Details Provided by Les Radke of STV/IRV Elections of PNB Directors:

Staff: 21 ballots.
Method: IRV
Round One: Count of first-place rankings. William Walker 9, Bonnie Simmons 1, Mary Berg 11.
Round Two: Transfer BS vote to 2nd choice. William Walker 9, Mary Berg 12.

Listeners: 22 ballots
Method: British Columbia STV.
Threshhold value: 6
6 candidates running for 3 seats.




Round One: Count of first-place rankings. Candidates Sarv Randhawa and LaVarn Williams.
Round Two: Transfer of surplus votes from Candidate Sarv Randhawa.
Round Three: First elimination round, eliminating candidates without any votes (MH).
Round Four: Eliminating Candidate Willie Ratcliff.
Round Five: Eliminating Candidate Fadi Saba.

Election over. Candidate Rosalinda Palacios is elected.

Winners are Sarv Randhawa, LaVarn Williams and Rosalinda Palacios.