Happy Birthday KPFA!

Sixty-Six years ago KPFA started as a simple vision. Run a radio station by asking listeners to donate of their own free will. Build a structure that’s accountable to its community, instead of its advertisers.

When KPFA started broadcasting on this day in 1949, it was the first listener-supported
station in the world.

That grassroots funding made it possible for KPFA to be fiercely independent.

It was the donations of tens of thousands of people, giving across generations that built KPFA from an idea into a full-power radio station. From one radio station into a network that spans the country. From a strictly radio operation to a multimedia platform that could birth shows like Democracy Now! It’s the people who gave before you that built this institution, and now we’re asking you donate in a new way, fund our IndieGoGo campaign today! Click here to donate.



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