Talk It Out Radio: Sunday 10/28, 7pm: Nonviolent Communication for De-Escalating Difficult Human Interactions

Host Nancy Kahn talks with special guest, Kangs Trevens, an Oakland-based counselor and facilitator of Trauma-Informed Nonviolent Communication about de-escalation and grounding skills that every person could benefit from. Join us to learn essential skills that support safety and contribute to reducing harm during difficult and overwhelming human interactions without the default being calling law enforcement. … Continued

Talk It Out Radio: Sunday, May 27, 7pm: Communicating Across Race, Gender and Cultural Differences in the Workplace

Host Nancy Kahn interviews guest Randi Bryant, a corporate diversity trainer and author, about proven communication and diversity strategies she has found effective in the workplace. They examine how the principles of Nonviolent Communication Across Differences align or contrast with the strategies Randi has found effective in her corporate programs. In 2001, Randi founded and … Continued

Pathways to bringing Authentic Voice, fueled with love and compassion, to dialogue across differences

Are you longing for inspiration and want to hear how one voice can contribute to change? Are you eager to learn practical skills in Nonviolent Communication that transform pain, anger, fear and frustration into vulnerable and empowered self expression? Do you want to build skills in communicating your truth without replicating forms of communication that … Continued