Blind Issues with Jeff Thom

What has happened legislatively and in advocacy for people who are blind or have visual impairments in 2018?  What might be to come in 2019? We ask an expert. After graduating from Stanford, Jeff Thom worked as an attorney for the California Legislature for 30 years. He is the immediate past president of the California … Continued

Hearing Loss with Punk Rocker, Kathy Peck

You remember when the Bay Area was filled with the sounds of punk rock?  So does our guest Kathy Peck.  She played bass for the San Francisco all-woman band The Contractions.  Surprise!  All those loud shows led to hearing loss. How did she deal with that? How does music, laughter and DIY sound? She talks … Continued

Cognitive Disabilities

An informative program about the distinct disabilities of autism and cognitive disorders with two disability advocates. Austin Tam will discuss his observations and insights about cognitive disorders and disability in the Asian/Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community.  Tam attended the California Renters Power Assembly and helped organize the “Making the Invisible Visible” Disability Summit in Alameda … Continued

Upcoming Federal Budget: Lindsay Baran

Trump has something special in mind for poor people and the disability community as he moves into the Federal budget season with a tax reform agenda. Cuts! We’re not talking about the paring knife slices you usually notice over time.  It’s bayonets, weed wackers, bulldozers and tanks — that kind of cuts. What cuts Trump … Continued

Major Disability Non-Violent Direct Actions 1935 – 2017

By Mark Romoser 1935 – League of the Physically Handicapped, NYC, sit-in at office of Emergency Relief Bureau. The League also tried to educate unions and other progressive groups about disability issues, and were branded as “Reds” (communists) for their troubles. 1964 – White Cane Day, blind people demonstrating on behalf of pedestrian safety for … Continued

Caring: Naomi Ortiz & East Bay Center for the Blind

Those of us who live with a disability are often typecast as burdens.  Because we’re limited in some ways, the ways we give to others and participate in community work often go unnoticed. Naomi Ortiz talks with Adrienne Lauby about how caring for others affects people with disabilities.  What kinds of questions arise as we … Continued