‘White but not quite’: A history of the Arabs in America

Arabiyaat briefly explores the history of Arabs in America with guest Nadine Naber, author of “Arab America: Gender, Cultural Politics, and Activism.” The episode begins with reflections by Linda and Souraya followed by an interview with Dr. Nadine Naber. She puts this largely unknown history of the Arab migrants to America became an “invisible” community and how that invisibility has led to the ambiguous place Arabs hold in the US today.

Part 1(00:00 – 21:22): Linda and Souraya share thoughts on the status of Arabs in America

Part 2 (22:26 – 58:14): Interview with Nadine Naber

Music: Alexander Maalof “America ya Helwa” For more music from the first wave of Arab immigrants, go here:…ective/id2474581

“Are Arabs White?”…16110921150.html

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