Radio Wolinsky

The Probabilities Archive: Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007), The Illuminati Trilogy, 1983

Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007), interviewed by Richard Wolinsky in February 1983, recorded in a car in the Santa Cruz mountains during a rainstorm. Digitized, remastered and edited in May, 2023.

Robert Anton Wilson had a remarkable career. Starting as a writer of comic science fiction based on historical stories of conspiracy, his work soon turned in the direction of physics, psychology, and futurism, and described himself as an agnostic mystic. In the religion or philosophy known as discordianism, he is considered both pope and saint.

A journalist in his early career, he co-edited the Playboy Magazine forum, and covered the work of both Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert, later known as Ram Dass. Most of his best known works were written in the 1970s and 1980s, though he continued to write non-fiction into the 21st century. These include The Illuminati Trilogy, co-written with Robert Shea, The Schrodinger’s Cat and Cosmic Trigger trilogies, and Prometheus Rising. His early works were published by large commercial presses; his later by small presses. Most, of not all, of his books still remain in print. The three books mentioned toward the end of the interview were all published and are all available.