Radio Wolinsky

Rebecca Makkai, “I Have Some Questions For You,” 2023

Rebecca Makkai, whose latest novel is “I Have Some Questions for You,” in conversation with host Richard Wolinsky.

Rebecca Makkai is the author of three earlier novels, The Great Believers, The Hundred Year House and The Borrowers, and one collection of stories, Music for Wartime.

This latest novel is a mystery of sorts that takes place in a New England boarding school and involves a murder that took place twenty years earlier, a murder in which an athletic coach was arrested and convicted, but likely isn’t the guilty party.

In this fast-paced book, Rebecca Makkai takes on the Me Too movement, misogyny in high school, true crime podcasts, and hidden abuse.

The interview was recorded on March 2, 2023 at Green Apple Books on the Park in san Francisco. Photos: Richard Wolinsky.