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Ralph Steadman

Ralph Steadman is an illustrator and artist best known for his collaborations with the late Hunter S. Thompson in the two “Fear and Loathing” books. His latest work is a collection of his artwork, “Ralph Steadman: A Life in Ink,” published by Chronicle Books. He is interviewed from England by host Richard Wolinsky.

Ralph Steadman got his start using a correspondence course before moving on to art school. After his first book, when he came to America, he was enlisted to work with Hunter S. Thompson and Rolling Stone magazine, and continued to work with Thompson over several years until Thompson’s suicide. He’s also worked on album jackets, and has illustrated several works, including “Alice in Wonderland,” “”Treasure Island and even a collection of Breaking Bad portraits.

He is, of course, also known for his trenchant political cartoons, as above.

Both illustrations copyright Ralph Steadman and used by permission.